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MTD (The Modern Tool and Die Company) is a brand manufacturer of motorized garden equipment. MTD,Cub Cadet and Wolf-Garten belong to their list of brands. The benefits of each of these brands are described below:

MTD – High performance, fair price

The most comprehensive assortment of motorized garden equipment for almost every possible use in is produced under the brand name MTD. Hobby gardeners can select from a wide range of different products that all have one thing in common: they are user friendly, robust and tough. When you select an MTDproduct, you select a long lasting companion for your gardening work. MTD-brand equipment is sold in home improvement stores and garden centers.

Cub Cadet – Future-oriented thinking

Cub Cadet, the premium brand from MTD, embodies the perfect synthesis of power, endurance, functionality and comfort - characteristics that inspire hobby gardeners and gardening pros. Cub Cadet tools don’t make compromises in performance and quality and set the standards in their respective product categories.
When you choose a product from Cub Cadet, you select the very best for your gardening work and service from a competent specialty retailer.

WOLF-Garten – a synonym for outstanding gardening competence

For more than 80 years the colors red and yellow are a synonym for outstanding gardening competence. Since 1958 WOLF-Garten shapes the market for electric lawn-mowers in Europe. WOLF-Garten also stands for quality and expertise in all areas of lawn care. Therefore the company provides the hit list of the most top-selling lawn-seeds sorts. WOLF-Garten particularly values quality and product innovation. Products like e.g. flower and herb shears are continually improved according to the WOLF-Garten philosophy "to make excellent products even better". WOLF-Garten has won numerous awards over the last few years and is continuing its success story. They distinguish a brand and they are what this name stands for.
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